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Call it life, call it no longer being able to stand your lover’s habit of clipping his/her toenails anywhere he/she wants, but unless you live a fairytale life, there comes a time when some relationships just have to end. Whether it was bound to happen, the stress of living “in this economy” probably did not […]

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admin on August 7, 2009

Remember the good ol’ days of childhood when we were giant brats and refused to eat anything that wasn’t on the kids menu? Vegetables were a big no no, meats were refused unless in nugget form, and peanut butter and jelly went together better than the adults’ wine and cheese. There were those phases were […]

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Going on vacation, as rewarding as it may be, can also be exhausting. Just ask anyone who has ever tried to make the most of their vacation days by working up to the last minute before taking off, and then immediately returning to work with not even a weekend or an extra day off to […]

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