Some Republican senator claimed that most unemployed people on the dole don’t even begin looking for jobs until their unemployment insurance runs out, and because of that, he voted against another emergency unemployment extension. First of all, Senator, thank you for reading this site to do your research, because for once, you were right. Second of all, thanks to all the OTHER law makers who voted to pass yet another extension, thereby delaying our demise once again.

Unemployment extension news is hard to keep up with. One moment Congress is against it, then they go on vacation, come back, and suddenly the unemployed get another lucky break. When the recession first started, there was what, one extension? Now there are four or five with that mysterious FED-ED extension that may not exist? Congress is talking about extending the filing dates for extensions, not actually adding new extensions? Whaaat? It’s all very confusing, and to deal with it, the unemployed did exactly what that senator claimed: they kept on collecting their unemployment checks while putting off the job search, banking on their elected officials to tack on more weeks of free money.

For many, the end is near or already here. With every new extension and Congress vote to fund the extensions, those who sat back to enjoy the ride avoided thinking about life without unemployment checks. Then one day, they woke up on the ”wallow and feel self-pity” side of bed and realized, “Holy crap, it’s been a year and a half!” After living off government generosity for 13-week intervals at a time, the unemployed counted backwards to that happy moment when they ripped open their first unemployment check and realized that well is drying up. Fast.

With a recession dating back to 2007, a 99-week maximum for unemployment benefits and no clue as to whether an extension will be granted come June 7, the job search is on. Unemployed job seekers face the harsh reality that it’s still really hard to find a job. While pouring through job ads and spamming their resume anywhere and everywhere, they’re kicking themselves for not having been so aggressive sooner. With only so much time left collecting unemployment, and zero responses to their applications, they spend sleepless nights fretting over what the future holds for them. Will they make rent? Will they learn what it’s like to struggle? Will they have to downgrade from to and sift through the pool of fellow penniless dating prospects?

It’s this kind of stress that makes the unemployed feel like they deserve a break. They tell themselves, “Even if I had started applying earlier, I’d probably be in the same boat.” Rather than dwelling on the fact that they’ll never know, the unemployed are going to take advantage of those last couple of unemployment checks, suspend the job search and go on a mini-vacation. Only after can they REALLY concentrate on getting a good job. But maybe they’ll wait to hear if there’s been another extension first.

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