Most well-meaning people set out to start off the new year with a clean slate, vowing to quit this or start that – anything that will make them a better person. But it’s well known that resolutions were meant to be broken so this December, all of the unemployed people who still haven’t had enough of their year of unemployment but also don’t want people to catch on to their jobless glee, have basically told everyone that their new year’s resolution is to get a job in 2010.

The thing about telling someone about this particular resolution is that they can’t really call you out on it. Telling someone you’re going to quit smoking, for example, might garner a crowd full of guffaws but very seriously resolving to find a new job will probably result in a lot of “Man, I hope so” and “Best of luck, let me know if I can help.” No one would dare say to someone, “Yeah right, that’s one resolution that’s never going to happen.”

Of course, a good chunk of unemployed people are probably counting on 2010 as being the year of hope and recovery, and really will try to find a job in the next twelve months. Then the rest of us will continue to do what we do best to ensure our little paid vacation will stretch as long as possible using their tried and true methods of avoiding getting hired by either pretending to look for a job or sabatoging their only interview in months. Here´s to a new year and new laws that lead to endless unemployment benefits!

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