Halloween 2008 was probably one of the final blowouts the now-unemployed had in the past year. Chances are it was the last time people had the opportunity to party hard before doomsday reports, job losses, and a massive downsizing in money and fun took over in 2009. With pitiful signs of recovery and people just being sick and tired of feeling like they shouldn’t have a good time, the unemployed are determined not to let their empty pockets get in the way of celebrating this Halloween.

After nearly a year of learning how to stretch a dollar and get creative with less money, the unemployed are prepared to hit the streets with their elaborate and hard-hitting costumes. Not willing to be left out, the unemployed are reaching into their closets to dig out old costumes, recycling bits and pieces from friends’ wardrobes, and hitting up Goodwill and thrift stores to supplement whatever they can’t find to complete a brilliant outfit. Sure, brilliant might be a stretch, but when it comes to being nonsensical, weird, and just plain creepy, the unemployed are ready and willing to be a Halloween hit.

Some tips to celebrate Halloween cheaply and successfully this year:

  • If you own or know any kids, exploit them. Use their toys, onesies, or last year’s costumes to make an ill-fitting Halloween costume. Floaties, a couple shovels, some buckets, and a deflated beach ball later, and you’re creepy, half-naked…Listen, nobody knows what the hell you are.
  • Carry around a cup with a few starter pennies and say you’re a panhandler. When people laugh, give them a hard stare and say, “Seriously, give me some change. I’m broke.”
  • Don’t be afraid to expose your underwear. In fact, people love showing extra skin on Halloween; it’s tradition. So, slap on strategically placed black and yellow stripes and call yourself a slutty bee. It’ll be an instant success!
  • If you have an alcoholic beverage and tag “drunken” in front of anything, you got yourself a costume. Show up wearing your unemployment suit, and say you’re a drunken unemployed person. People will think it’s a riot –  you can leave out the part about you starting off the night drinking alone.
  • To avoid feeling guilty about having no candy to hand out this year, put an empty bowl out with a sign that reads “Be responsible and help yourself” and let everyone think some jerk ruined it all for everyone.
  • Do some trick-or-treating yourself. Stop at every house on the way to your party to fill up on some candy. “In this economy,” people are bound to forgive overgrown adults for just wanting some candy. If they don’t comply, ask them for some adult candy and hold out your flask to be topped up. At that point, what have you got to lose?

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