When restaurants around the country stop offering free food promotions for the unemployed to stand in line for all day, there’s always comfort in knowing that the free heart attack in a bag can still be obtained fairly cheaply. For the most part, it seems most fast food chains are hellbent on luring back the customers who had temporarily sworn off junk food. When people started working, frequently eating at McDonald’s or Taco Bell fell off the charts a bit as more money allowed them to branch out in experiencing unfrozen hamburger patties and discovering that Mexican pizzas are not authentically Mexican. However, “in this economy” and with prolonged unemployment, these days eating at Wendy’s might be the only way the unemployed can afford to treat themselves for a meal at a nice sit down restaurant.

Although there are several items that, due to their inexplicable ingredients and questionable quality, should never cost more than a dollar, the fast food restaurants have been jumping on the Value Menu bandwagon and aggregating all their cheaper items into one convenient list to order from. It’s as if the big heads are hoping that the unemployed will spend more money because everything costs a little less. And it’s true. A taco for $0.69 and a bean burrito for $0.99? The unemployed will gladly order that, plus a side of cheesy potatoes for $0.79 and, because they’re saving money by ordering off the value menu, they’ll treat themselves with a $0.89 apple dessert. Less than five dollars later, the unemployed have figured out a way to ensure they won’t go hungry while simultaneously given themselves a task for the rest of their day – Googling how to get rid of their indigestion. But seriously, as long as the unemployed are willing to eat deliciously unhealthy fast food, and can cope with their unemployment weight gain by eating more, they owe a lot to the fast food nation for helping to stretch a dollar and waist line.

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