Call it life, call it no longer being able to stand your lover’s habit of clipping his/her toenails anywhere he/she wants, but unless you live a fairytale life, there comes a time when some relationships just have to end. Whether it was bound to happen, the stress of living “in this economy” probably did not help the relationship last, especially if the dynamic consisted of one person working and secretly hating their unemployed significant other for getting to sleep in. When it’s time to finally call it quits, the former couple is left to make the tough decision of who has to move out in order to move on.

Normally, a break up involving a live-in couple would involve someone throwing all their ex’s belonging out the window while yelling, “And stay out!” because that’s how normal is portrayed in movies. However, in these “difficult economic times”, a move like that could prove drastic for both parties. If the person staying put is unemployed or fearful of losing their job, chances are being left with the task of paying full rent or the mortgage would result in eviction or foreclosure. For the person who would typically be thrown out, finding a new place without a job or signing a new lease knowing a current job could very well end the next day, could ultimately result in living in a storage unit with their scattered belongings, slumming it with friends, or worse: moving back home with the parents where mom won’t stop speculating about what went wrong.

In the end, more and more ex-couples are finding themselves financially dependent on one another – at least in terms of their living situation. Clothes might be tossed out the window, but then hurriedly reclaimed when the tosser realizes homelessness or other alternatives might be worse off than awkwardly learning to live with an ex. There are plenty of things to discuss such as who is going to sleep where, or if there’s only one bed – whether it can still be shared, how nagging rights are out the window since such investments are no longer relevant, and how they can explain to friends and family about how living together after breaking up is not as crazy as it seems even though secretly they know it is. Sucking it up and taking one for the money team is about all the unemployed can do in such a situation – but the minute either party starts dating, it’s time to turn up the sugar daddy/mama search up a notch and find someone new to hole up with, which everyone knows is the best way to heal.


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