supl on August 31st, 2009

When restaurants around the country stop offering free food promotions for the unemployed to stand in line for all day, there’s always comfort in knowing that the free heart attack in a bag can still be obtained fairly cheaply. For the most part, it seems most fast food chains are hellbent on luring back the [...]

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A great unemployment pastime can be as simple as letting one’s imagination go wild. Whether it’s dreaming about winning the lottery or fantasizing about buying a house, the unemployed can kill ample hours of time just sitting and thinking about elaborate scenarios. However, on the days they don’t want to start off with some of [...]

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Ever have one of those moments when the only things in the cupboard are pasta, beans, rice and whatever other carbohydrate-y fillers that don’t exactly scream excitement or roughage? Or perhaps after a summer about dreaming about guacamole and getting tired of eating that fake, non-perishable green stuff sold at gas stations, avocados were finally [...]

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supl on April 28th, 2009

Good thing most of us grew up with pictures from the Great Depression depicting hundreds of out-of-work Americans standing for hours in bread lines awaiting free government handouts. Otherwise, there might be some sort of stigma associated with today’s unemployed people who voluntarily line up for free food, regardless of what it is because they [...]

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