wearing-white-after-labor-dayWith Labor Day over and the majority of America winding down their summers, there may have been a certain sect of people (jobless) who made employed people wish they had more than one lousy day off to celebrate their contributions to society and the economy. Having no job was hardly an issue to keep the unemployed from celebrating this Labor Day harder than any previous Labor Day they’ve had. Even more so than when they were mere students without jobs, the unemployed decided that nothing was going to keep them from barbeques, pool parties, or road trips starting Thursday and ending Tuesday to avoid laborer traffic. The motto this fine September day was: We don’t have jobs but we do have the will, the means, and the endless summer vacation to party harder than all you employed people out there!

Recognizing that it was almost silly to celebrate a day honoring workers when no work has been sought in months only made the unemployed more intense about their Labor Day celebrations. They showed up to barbeques dressed up all in white in ensembles that were no doubt picked up in a hurry from their favorite thrift store or they overstayed their welcome at their friend’s pool party – even demanding that the heater be turned on at 2am despite the fact that everyone already left much earlier to face work after a long weekend. Mostly, the unemployed did whatever they could to be obnoxious about their unemployment, doing things like declaring that they would continue to wear white after Labor Day because that fashion faux pas rule doesn’t apply when no one can see them lounging at home. They also took to bragging to everyone how they too were taking Labor Day weekend off from their job search jobs, unemployment blogging jobs, and errand running jobs so they could relax and take the day off even though they have no pressure to be productive people. Though they might have “worked” through prior holidays, it takes something like Labor Day for them to really appreciate time off from work after a year of unemployment.

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3 Responses to “#144 Ironically Celebrating Labor Day”

  1. nojob says:

    I’m a veteran & never got the day off when I was
    working, so it was cool the first year or two that I got to
    celebrate, but I’m beginning to worry that I may never find work

  2. Jacque says:

    I take being unemployed serious. I have been unemployed for three years and receive no unemployment. I do not know how I am going to pay my bills now. I have been searching day and night for a job. I have volunteered, went back to school, not to mention that I already have several degrees. Still, I am not able to get work. Most companies are like those narrow minded senators that have this false image that unemployed people do not want to work and do not look for work until theri unemployment runs out. I want to say to all of those that believe this untrue dream they are in, that I have been looking for since before the day my company chose to announce that they were taking the jobs overseas for the cheaper labor. I saw the signs and started looking for work early on and still I have not been given a job offer.

    Maybe if all the senators that believe that people do not want to work should not be voted back into office and end of out of work to see what it feels like. Maybe if they were unemployed, lost their homes, lost their cars and had no idea of how they were going to feed their children, maybe after they experience this suffering as unemployed Americans are suffering, maybe, just maybe they can feel what we are feeling.

    Seems like to me any senator that votes to not allow people to get unemployment or make a law to allow people to sue companies that will not hire unemployed people, should not be voted back into office, they need to experience what we are experiencing and maybe then they will understand our pain.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You have a very nice gift of writing, Jacque. That really is sad. I’ve been trying hard to work on ways to get the world out of this mess. Mostly because I personally hate it. But I do hate how some people are suffering. Like the children. Why must they, already cursed by being born, also have to suffer this tragedy of society? Why are all the people out there stupid? To me, they are… I’m dumb too though. I hope everything gets better for you, and the world as a whole. Wait. I mean me. o.o. And the world. It’s gotta be a better world for me to be happy. Oh, and if you haven’t started already, you should start growing your own food, if possible. Knowledge is power. I don’t suggest going to college for one of their standard degrees though.

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