doing-good-deeds-for-reward-money-wanted-posterThere comes a time in life when the unemployed have to be selfless and put others ahead of them for once. This time usually coincides with people in need offering money in exchange for their help – not like a job offers money for help, because receiving a paycheck is usually not as rewarding as getting paid for something that really should be done free out of the goodness of the human heart. 

Most of the time, doing good deeds for reward money can range anywhere from finding a lost pet to turning in a shady neighbor even though he’s the most reliable dealer for weed so parents can be reunited with their missing child. Occasionally, the unemployed will even have the opportunity to help the local sheriff hunt down the sasquatch that managed to escape using a broom to snag a ring of keys from the wall while the dopey local deputy took a nap. Whatever the mission is, they’re willing to do it so long as it’s worth their time ($20). 

While reward money is often the motivation for attempting to help out the community, doing the good deed is also a great way to get the unemployed out of the house. When they’re on the hunt for something, they can occupy themselves for hours searching for clues, checking out leads, and really getting down to solving the mystery. If they fail, they can simply chalk it up to the world going to hell. But if they succeed, the unemployed can often be seen wandering around town carefully reading all the posters on telephone polls, or holed up in front of the TV watching “America’s Most Wanted” thinking every suspect is their neighbor in disguise. And when there are no hot “cases” to crack, there’s nothing like temporarily misplacing a neighbor’s pooch in the hopes they’ll post a reward for its return.

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  1. Danielle says:

    I recommend writing one about “trying to win money and free crap from radio contests.” If you haven’t already.

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