blogging-about-being-unemployedEvery layoff comes with a story. The question is – is that story really interesting enough to create an entire blog revolving around an individual’s unemployment story? A resounding yes would be the answer coming from every unemployed person out there who has started a blog about being unemployed. 

Readers, on the other hand, will be the judge of these so-called “recession blogs” sprouting up as job loss rates increase each month. These days it seems like everyone is running to their computers to spout off their knowledge since suddenly being an economist, sounding off about the dreary state of the economy, and the dire situation the unemployed face. The only problem is they don’t actually know what’s going to happen – but luckily for the readers, they’re invited to follow the journey as the recently laid off acquaint themselves with unemployment. 

Some of these recession bloggers set out with the intent on just getting anyone they can possibly find to read their blog, like old coworkers, family members, and friends who would otherwise have to converse with them to check on their job search. Of course, one could easily turn to their usual methods of keeping friends updated via Facebook or Twitter. But then again, these recession bloggers aren’t satisfied with just reaching friends and family, they want to spread out and reel in a whole new audience – strangers that might actually care about reading another stranger’s tales of unemployment.

Part of the unemployed blogger’s hope is that they might be discovered by some recruiter believing all the stories about being a fantastic employee, and check out the resume conveniently posted on the site. Others just hope that they’ll have enough readers out there that if 1% left comments, they’d feel like they have some sense of self-worth, and some reason to continue pouring out their feelings in a public venue. What the bloggers probably didn’t expect is to find themselves as part of a new community of unemployed bloggers who frequently help break up their day by reading the other blogs of the unemployed. These tales end up being a great way to kill time, find solace in knowing others are suffering just the same, and find some genuine entertainment when the rest of the internet has been exhausted. So check out some of the recession blogs listed in Stuff Unemployed People Like’s blog roll, and have yourself some fun.

*SUPL is not responsible for inactive blogs where the creators obviously found new jobs and moved on.

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17 Responses to “#82 Blogging About Being Unemployed”

  1. Accidental Olympian says:

    Hey look! It’s the definition and entire back story for my blog… And we all thought we were being so damn clever.


    I hate blogs that unemployed people make! *sneek*


  3. Well… Uh…. Yes… I blog about being unemployed and proud of it! :)

  4. Anastasia says:

    “What the bloggers probably didn’t expect is to find themselves as part of a new community of unemployed bloggers who frequently help break up their day by reading the other blogs of the unemployed.”

    Lol… I think it’s kind of cool — maybe that’s the kid in me talking. I sort of wish that there was more camaraderie among the RL unemployed, because a) you can hear the stats all day, but at 10:00 AM, it still seems like everyone else is employed except you, and b) people are more prone to tear each other apart when times get tough instead of lending support.

  5. Jason says:

    I think something needs to b done. People r losing their jobs because
    mistakes people in wall street have made. I am trying to rally those people.
    We need to march on wall street, violently if necessary. This isn’t our fault. We need to make the people who’s fault it is pay. We shouldn’t b losing our homes they should. I no I’m not the only one who feels this way. It’s time 2 make the fat cats pay. Email me
    If they still have their homes after they force us out of ours a travesty has been committed.
    Power in numbers!!

  6. james says:

    I have been unemployed for 6 months living in my car jailed and trying to eat people not helping us americans and this is our own country that has gone against us. We try to call emplyers and stay clean cut but when you have no money food how can you fit into society with the mess we are in. Can anyone help

  7. Randy says:

    Been unemployed since Dec 08, that is now about 18 months…..a long time! I have applied for ~700 jobs, not shotgunned, just applied individually. A lot of jobs with only 8 nibbles. Some companies are stacking up their stable in case they actually win a contract and want to know who to immediately hire. But no contracts are apparently being awarded to any of the contractors that I have an association with. I really, really need a job………..

  8. retired at 24 says:

    We will have hyperinflation and then collapse unless we get rid of the current monetary system, the oil spill is a distraction

  9. Dane says:

    I have been unemployed for 18 months and have applied for at least 800 jobs. I got one interview out of all that work and I didn’t get the job because they said they couldn’t come close to matching what I made at my last job. I told the lady that I understood that and would still like to be considered for the position. I never haerd another word, not even a letter saying sorry we chose someone else. I don’t know about some people, but I’m willing to work for less. I don’t have a degree either so I’m willing to work for less than they would pay someone with a degree. I’ve have 35 years of work experience and all of a sudden (because I don’t have a degree) I don’t qualify for anything. What’s with this? GIVE ME A CHANCE AND LET ME PROVE MYSELF AND PAY ME LESS FOR GODS SAKES! So my 35 years of work means absolutely nothing?? There are smart people in the world who don’t have degrees.

    • sherry says:

      My husband and I worked for the same company when we lost our jobs in July of 08.We are in our 50s a bad time to try to start allover.We are to young to get social S and to old to be looked at as people who will stay with a company along time.I am sure however we will have to work well into our 70′s.we can no longer get unemployment insurance as we drew for 99 weeks.I wish they would give back some of our taxes we payed in all these years

      • I know what ya mean———-it is the age!

      • My wife and I have been unemployed for a long time,(my wife about 1.5yrs,me since 2010).We send out at least 25 to 30 resumes aday,we have been on a couple of interviews but no offers.My wife is 50 and Iam 54,we have been in the healthcare insdustry for over 30 yrs.What we get is that we do not have our degrees and or that we earned to much in our last employment.We have also explain that we would work for less.but to avail no answers.We have no income comming in .What are we suppose to do??.I look at the news all the time and see our elected officals in their tailored suits and dresses and not looking like they missed a meal,JUST GIVING LYING SPEECHES.We send tons of money overseas to help other countries,but they can not and or will not Help us AMERICANS that pay all these taxes for other countries.DAMM PEOPLE WTF HAPPEN TO US IN THIS COUNTRY.They keep BUILDING MORE prisons,GUESS WHO THEY ARE FOR????THINK ABOUT IT AMERICANS!!!!!If a man or woman,MOTHER,FATHER can not take care of their familes by legit ways what do you they are going to next,THINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE,WAKE UP,DAMMM.If you are past 40 you almost shit out of luck.Politicians are playing with the live of hard working upstanding AMERICANS.THEY NEED TO SHIT OR GET OFF THE POT!!!.SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE,AND DONE SOON.YOU CANNOT BUILD ENOUGH JAILS AND PRISONS FOR THE PEOPLE.I JUST KEEP PRAYING AND SAY LORD PLEASE HELP US!!!!!!


  10. [...] I came up with the idea for this blog, Shit Unemployed People Do, during last weekend. “It’s such an original idea!” I thought, “and with so many people unemployed, I’m sure to show up in search results!” Unfortunately, I started the blog before doing research to see that there are already tons of unemployment blogs by unemployed bloggers just like mine out there. So many, in fact, that, apparently one of the best-known unemployment blogs, has already posted about Blogging About Being Unemployed. [...]

  11. jennifer says:

    i am so sick about being unemployed it sucks i got laid off in november the reason they said pay roll was too costley but someone else was hired right before i was let go i think is was someone who did not like me and wanted me gone and i found out that twoo weeks latter after i was laid off they hired somebody else for my position i have benn applying everywhere for anything and i still have not found a job

  12. jennifer says:

    i hate my life i am so desprate i am willing to work for minimum wage at this point

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