still-live-with-parentsA year ago, people would have balked at the idea of moving home to live with their parents. Sure, after college, they moved back to their home town, but they made sure to pay unnecessary rent to live five minutes away with a loser roommate found off Craigslist, only to be able to prove to their parents and everyone else that they were financially independent. Flash forward to a year later, poor and unemployed, moving back home suddenly seems like a great idea. Everyone knows people from high school who have been listing the benefits of living at home since college graduation. So believe it when former “young professionals” tell you there’s something special about biting the bullet, breaking their lease, and figuring out how to fit their adult bed into their childhood room. Not only does it mean free rent, but also get the comfort of having nutritious food that fulfills the major food groups, as well as constant phone calls wondering where they are and what time they’ll be home. Sure there’s that non-stop nagging about searching for a job and contributing to the household because “this laundry doesn’t do itself” but that all changes when they wake up at 2pm and find a note instructing how to reheat the lunch that was already prepared. Yeap, there’s nothing like being old, unemployed, and living under your parents’ roof ready to exchange all feelings of pride and dignity for a plate of free, delicious food.

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16 Responses to “#9 Moving Back Home With the Parents”

  1. Rebekah says:

    I love your blog. And as a 26 year old recently unemployed, recently moved it with her parents, this entry speaks to my heart.

  2. BLAH says:

    Whoever you are, you rock. I only moved home in 2005 at age 27 thinking I’d be here a year. Nope. I’m 31 and still here because I lost my job at 29. My unemployment benefits are about to run out, and I mean, for real this time, b/c they’ve been “extended” well, I lost count. No one wants to hire me because I’m either too qualified or perhaps it’s the wrong “type” of resume. Instead of looking for jobs what have I done? I’ve had to figure out what the hell my resume is supposed to look like and say per job and I spend too much time signing up for job websites, all of which require me to do something different to my resume. I AM LOSING MY F’ING MIND! Did I mention I don’t have a car? Forget about a social life. I talk about TV characters like we just hung out. Sometimes I just start laughing outloud to myself like a freak in a freaky movie. OH GOD, WHEN WILL THIS END? WHEN CAN I GET PUSHED AROUND BY A JERK 8 HOURS A DAY!!!!????

    • Tracy says:

      OMG, so true. I am 40, divorced and unemployed and found my self moving back in with my elderly parents, they sold the home I grew up in and are now in a 2 br apt. I am going out of my F*ing mind. I have no privacy, can’t be on my own cell phone after 10 pm because they can hear me talking in the other room, most of the problem is my control freak dad, he’s been like this my whole life he’s now 78 and still controlling every move I make, I have no option right now of getting out, I made this my last resort, I was in a homeless shelter for a while, stayed with a close friend but she has kids with a lot of mental health issues and it just didn’t work out with me in the house, so I ended up back home, I cry everyday and they can’t understand why I am so mad and unhappy. I don’t know how to deal with this anymore… might end up in a hospital myself over it….. Only working temp jobs right now, a few weeks here and there then layoff again. My unemployment amount is also running out and my rate is less than 150 per month, so making it on my own is not an option. I need some advice on how to deal with this without ending up in a hospital, or spending thousands on a shrink !

  3. Kate says:

    I am 26 and had to make the tough decision of moving home about a month ago. I was originally horribly disgusted at the thought of having to be home.

    But the ability to catch up on OnDemand I’d gone without for years is softening the blow, as is the free rent and food.

  4. Jillian (back to the nest) says:

    Ass backwards: first I moved back home. THEN I lost the job I moved in with my parents for. WTF? PS I’m 26 to. I love this site.

  5. UnemployedPA says:

    i am ……. 40 years old and have to move back home last year because unemployment insurance in Arizona doesnt cover living expenses (at most you can get is $250 a week) just cant tell you.. how depressing its been. FML

  6. 2old4this says:

    greetings fellow castoffs! i feel your pain, trust me.
    living in nyc on $405/week from benefits is impossible. 80k per
    year is considered “poor”. cigarettes are $12 a pack, and you can’t
    smoke em anywhere but sitting on your own toilet in your overpriced
    cell of an apartment. but hey, count your blessings that you still
    have parents that are alive and well and are willing to open their
    homes and hearts to you. there is a reason why you are on this path
    now. it may seem hopeless, but please be grateful for what you
    still have, your health, for example and keep the faith. i have
    been depressed for years, the past few being extremely painful,
    with lots of loss. i got through it, with Zoloft, of course, and
    was truly amazed at how strong I could be when I needed to be. we
    all have that, so just tap into it and stay the course. By the way,
    Zoloft helps a lot, but I am now quite chunky” hang in there

  7. jay says:

    I had to do the same but at 35. Im now 41 and still here. I get really down sometimes, but I consider myself lucky that I am much more fortunate than alot of people right now. Keep your heads up, do the right things, help out and dont be a burden on your folks. I’m sure they like the idea of having you around just as much as you like to be there.

  8. M says:

    The stigma associated with moving back in with the parents is outdated. It’s not a sign of laziness.
    Staying temporarily with the parents is the modern alternative to a homeless shelter, since US homeless shelters have become the modern alternative to insane asylums (since Reagan got rid of all of the mental institutions years ago, rendering the insane among the homeless,) and are therefore no longer suitable for the sane homeless.
    It is f’ing impossible to get a job out there.
    All day, apply, hear nothing back. Eventually get 5 calls, all recruiters, none with leads, just wanting one more to add to their list of hopefuls.
    I’ve interviewed with over 20 recruiters. Applied with hundreds of companies, with not even a “sorry, but no” in response. I’m college educated and industry experienced. Laid off due to downsizing.
    Unemployment doesn’t even cover food plus prescriptions. Running out of savings.
    Point being: Stop being lowlifes perched up on high horses, shouting “get a job” to the masses who did not have your networking connections, references, or simple good luck in not getting laid off after the downturn. And if you happened to have saved up enough for a home downpayment before mortgages went into short supply, don’t take that for granted either. Count your blessings, and stop kicking the less fortunate while they’re down. No amount of churchgoing or Unicef volunteerism is going to negate racking up that grade of bad karma.

  9. erik says:

    Me too.
    At 41 years old I lost my job of 25 years working for my fathers business.
    I lasted as long as I could, but finally had to move in with my mom.
    It destroys your self confidence.

  10. Jr says:

    I’m 22 years old and lost my job last month do to lay-offs. I had to move out of my aparment and back with my parents. I had some savings but that didn’t last long, not just that but bills don’t stop.And to make it even better I went to get in my car today and Yup my car didn’t start, life cant get any better. I been applying all over and don’t get shit I’m so sick of this shit like this makes me want to start stripping.

  11. Thad says:

    I know how you all feel! I graduated and started working, hoping to save up enough to move out. But what happened? I lost my job! So, now I am stuck at home for a while longer. I am unemployed with a dwindling savings. However, one thing about this article that is not true is the idea of “free rent”. I don’t live rent-free at my parent’s home. Even unemployed, they are making me pay rent. Sure, I understand the principle, but I generally thought family was about helping you and helping you to save money to remain afloat and secure. h, I need an effing job and to move out before they take all the savings I did manage to gather to move on with life.

  12. Unknown Cyber Creep says:

    Hello, My Name Is Brian Cummings And I Live In Washington State. Dark Blond Hair And Hazel Or Green Eyes. (Green Or Hazel Eyes And Dark Blond Hair.) Yes, Living At Home Does Kind Of Suck! I Know That Parents Mean Well, (Don’t Parents Always Mean Well For Their Adult Kids?!) For Their Adult Kids, However, I Have Been Living At Home For Almost Two Months Now, I Guess, And I Am Starting To Get Crazier! (Oh My Goodness, I Think I’ve Been Living Back At Home With My Parents For Almost Two Months Now, I Guess, And I’m Really Just Starting To Get Really Crazy Living Back With My Parents Now!) Yours Truely Brian Cummings In Washington State :)

  13. erik says:

    After spending 25 years working for my father, he decided to sell off the business and retire.
    You would think I would be wealthy like he is, right? … Wrong! He never allowed me to to be an owner, just a hourly employee! So at 46 years old, I’m broke, unemployable, and living at my Mom’s.
    And she is wealthy too! In fact, so is my sister! So I am the only loser in my family!
    My Mom was obsessed with remodeling her 5 million dollar house. And since I live at her house ”rent free” (right!), I literally broke my back hauling hundreds of 90 pound bags of cement to save her money because she didn’t want to pay to get a pump truck to pump it up the stairs!
    So, with a broken back, I guess I will live at Mom’s the rest of my life… Or until she throws me out because she catches me smoking cigarets !

  14. Becca says:

    Too funny. I’m back at home too. They’ve moved into a tiny house, can’t watch TV late (or really at all, if it conflicts with my father’s incredibly onerous TV schedule commitments), have to hide my smoking (would get kicked out for that too), and live in a box of a room. Both of my sisters have lovely houses and partners. I’m single, unemployed, mid-30s, with a huge student loan debt having spent 8 years at university. What a joke!

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